Gylda Creative

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Gylda Creative is a communication, consulting, and design studio based in Milan. We offer creative solutions for your brand, supporting it in building, revising, and strengthening its identity, and developing tailored solutions for online and offline communication. We deal with communication strategy, branding, social media, press office, design, retail, pop-up stores.

We listen

Customer needs are the starting point of our work. Listening, dialogue and trust are our pillars. The first meeting is always over a good coffee!

We plan

We turn ideas into stories and projects. We plan an ad hoc communication strategy for the client, helping them to achieve, goals and results.

Art Direction

Graphics, animations, 3D, illustrations, photo and video campaigns. We design the entire creative process in order to achieve the perfect fit for the client's identity.

We tell stories

We love good stories, we deal with storytelling and its dissemination through different channels. We bring to life comprehensive communication projects, in which synergy between different elements is our mantra. We believe in uniformity and professionalism of content.

What about writing your story together?